Friday, May 11, 2007

Signing off from Bay Village

10 pm
Bay Village, Ohio

Well, our early evening bike ride to Lake Erie was less fruitful than our earlier walk. We were able to pick up two more birds, a Herring Gull and a Tree Swallow to bring our total to 57 species. In addition, we managed to wear the girls out pretty well and my feet are aching.

Maya was very helpful pointing out the birds she saw, it usually went something like this, "Hey look at that, there's a bird!!" Gee Maya what is it? "It has a red breast so guess what it is....its a Robin!" I guess the apples doesn't fall too far from the tree - she is already pointing out identifying charactaristics in addition to identifying the bird itself. She was also able to find "the worlds longest dandelion" which was about 18 inches long, and we found a groundhog in Porter Creek taking a swim - no kidding.

Off to bed after a beautiful day in Bay.


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