Friday, May 11, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Friday, May 11th
Bay Village, OH

I scheduled our Bay Village birdathon for May 11th to take advantage of David's availability and birding expertise.

Our family's birding day started around 7:30 am when Maya (3.5 yo) woke up David and myself and we headed downstairs for breakfast - there was a House Wren sitting on the back fence. We opened up the kitchen window and had half a dozen species (mostly by ear) before we even finished our cereal! I know 7:30 is late in the birding world, but when your pre-schooler decides to sleep in you take advantage of it!!

Once Sadie (10 months) woke up we eventually got out the door around 9am for the trek to Huntington Metropark. As we strolled through the neighborhood David's keen ear picked up a few warblers including a Nashville Warbler (which we later also saw) along some wooded lots. About half way there we had to make a "potty" break for Maya at a friends' house (thanks for coming home just in time Rich). Just down the street from our friend is a nesting Red-Tail Hawk who was feeding his/her two large fluffy white chicks. This nest is on a residential street right in someone's front yard. Very cool.

We had at least 20 species before we even made it into the park! Once we hit the woods Sadie was sleeping in her carrier and David and Maya did a bit of garlic mustard pulling. We heard a beautiful Wood Thrush and picked up a Hooded, Wilson, and Black-throated Green Warbler.

Once we hit the multi-purpose trail we met two very friendly birders who used to live close to my in-laws in Florida. They were excited to hear that we were with Audubon and CMNH (where David works). The conversation was interuppted by Sadie waking up and yet another "potty" to Lake Erie Nature and Science Center! Species count is around 36.

After LENSC (where we could have added quite a few to our list from the wildlife garden!) we headed to the beach. The water was like glass and there was little activity by the time we got there but we did pick up Bonaparte's Gull, Roughed-Wing and Barn Swallow in addition to the expected Ring Bills and Mallards. After a short time on the beach, we headed back home for lunch picking up an Ovenbird on our way back through the woods. Also spotted my favorite Red Headed Woodpecker in the meadow picnic area.

A weary mom and hungry kids totalled up 54 species upon returning home (including the Turkey Vulture that flew over the house after hearing me complain we had not yet seen one.)

We plan to take a picnic to the lakeshore for dinner this evening to continue the quest! Where is a Canada Goose when you need one?


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