Thursday, May 10, 2007

Continuing bird saga

Mid-morning sightings were slower and harder to come by, but the turkey vultures were finally up on the thermals.  At my neighbors hayfield, I spotted the ubiquitous redwing blackbird and a field sparrow.   Across the field was an indigo bunting - my first one ever. What a treat!  On my way on our wooded lane, I had scared up a pileated woodpecker, and later saw a downy.  On the edges of the field and road, I heard a distinctive song several times, but could not see the bird making it.  I went home and played by Ohio Birds CD and I am pretty positive it was a prarie warbler.  Then, while Dick and I were enjoying lunch on the porch, a group of tree swallows flew in circles briefly, eating their lunch on the fly!
Robin Mullet

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